What would happen if your gaming laptop was so powerful that you were unstoppable in the virtual world? A light scolding by a Legacy FX created Orc might make you reconsider your bloodthirsty ways.

Adobe doesn't just make Photoshop. They also make software that analyses data for marketers. Think Google Analytics for huge companies. We decided to show just what could happen if you didn't know how to properly interpret that data.

[Awards - TED Ads Worth Spreading, Webbys Honoree]
The NBA makes these rad single colored uniforms during the holidays and they wanted to sell them. So we got insanely talented dribblers to wear those jerseys like a badass xylophone and give us a christmas classic. Sales went up 300% that season.

They also wanted to sell tickets on their own newly launched ticket site. Being able to get tickets directly from the source is pretty cool when that source is a bunch of basketball players. Being a mailman is tough though.

[Awards - Clio Film Technique & Addy Sound Design]
Birchbox came to us to help them build their brand, launch their first brick and mortar store in SoHo and their very first national TV spot. We kept it simple and light.

Store front window display, 433 W. Broadway, NYC
When we won the Sonic account at Goodby we wanted to let the stalwart Sonic fans help us create the advertising. Sonic is all about letting their fans create crazy combinations of food, so online, we let fans suggest crazy combinations (like Shakes and Bees) and we figured out how to make spots out of them.

Toyota had been playing the American Motosports arena for years, but people wrote them off as a Japanese company just trying to get a piece of the pie.

Toyota came to us asking to help them really put their Nascar endeavors on the map. We created the Sponsafier campaign, letting fans become sponsors, which ran for 4 more years and helped create a entirely new fanbase for Toyota in Nascar.

[Awards - One Show Interactive Silver, One Show Integrated Bronze, FWA Site of the Day]
Comcast rebranded themselves Xfinity in 2010, but by 2012 consumers (and the company) were still confused about what Xfinity actually meant. In these spots we aimed to show that the future of Comcast and Xfinity is in providing people ways to enjoy their content, not be handcuffed by it. And I got to hang out with Selma Blair.

For the launch of the 3rd Generation Prius, the one that really changed it all, we created a campaign that showed that humans (and cool technology) were at the heart of the Prius.

Below you will find print, ooh, a solar bus shelter we built, taxi toppers and the full experience site walkthrough.

[Awards - FWA Site of the Month]
When Tommy gets himself into another crazy situation, it's good to have man's best friend to watch out for him.

[Awards - Superbowl XLV Ad Meter Top 20]
For the launch of the Toyota Matrix we set out to create an engaging experience that would truly catch the attention of the audience.

The primary touchpoint, YourOtherYou.com, allowed users to play an elaborate prank on a friend. Users would input a little info about their friend (phone, address, etc) which was used, without their knowledge to play an ever increasing series of pranks.

It got so real that a lady sued Toyota, saying she was so scared by the prank that she slept with a knife under her pillow. Mission accomplished.

The online prank was supported by OOH, interactive print and all sorts of fake websites for each character.

[Awards - Cannes Integrated Campaign Shortlist, Beldings Bowl, D&AD Magazine Feature]
Working with famed science fiction artist Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron) we created these Camry Hybrid print ads in the vein of classic sci-fi posters declaring that the car of the future is here today.

Intuit wanted a way to show how much their services could do for small business owners. It's almost like they are your secret underground support team.

[Awards - Clio Finalist]
Back when Xbox Live launched, the ad industry in general was slow to respond. But when thinking about the super cheap and super cute Yaris, we decided that Xbox Live was just where we wanted to be. So we partnered with Microsoft and we made the first ever branded racing game for the service. And it was free.

Below you will find some of the art projects I have done in my spare time concerning my interests in video games, comic books and sexiness ;)
Art From Sex Tapes

On a happenstantial viewing of the Kim Ray-J sextape, my friend Cecilia and I noticed the inconspicuous little painting in the background. We found the static peacefulness of the painting to be a funny contrast to the sexual energy on display. How many millions of people have seen these sextapes and overlooked these blurry pixelated pieces of art hanging about?

So we made the site ArtFromSexTapes to bring light to these overlooked masterpieces. The site was covered across the web and had a gallery showing at SHAG.

Images from the opening show at Shag in Williamsburg:

A video posted by Nicholas Luckett (@nluckett) on

Internet love:
At M&C Saatchi NY we won a Webby People's Voice Award for our #virtualpride work on behalf of NYC Pride and LGBTQ rights in Russia.

So we did what any serious advertising agency would do: we hired a stripping Putin impersonator to visit the hottest LGBTQ spots in NY and accept our award.

4 color rebellion is a video game and geek culture site I started in grad school that has since flourished into a nice little community that attracts thousands of visitors a day. Since starting the site I have brought on a writing staff from all around the world and thanks to the site I've made friends and contacts from Japan to Sweden. We have been able to leverage the popularity of the site to have access to the latest products, press events and info in the geek industry.

The site has seen coverage in some of the biggest print and online publications ranging from Edge Magazine to MTV. Even more wonderful is the fact that many of the staff working on the site have used it as a stepping stone for impressive opportunities in the gaming and comic book industry.

Visit the Site ->
4cr Tumblr ->

We were also recently featured in the successful Kickstarter book Everyday Is Play. Check out our cool spread that we designed for the book.

And here, have a cute wallpaper made for the site.

When I got my iPhone I fell in love with the ‘Comics’ app from Comixology. It had the largest selection of comics from the most publishers. And it had the best reading experience, by far. That said, the app was a bit difficult to navigate and understand. I offered my services to the Comixology team and helped redesign the app to make it cleaner and more understandable.

I also helped them translate my iPhone app design into their iPad design.

Below you'll find some of the illustrations and animations I make in my spare time.